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Access your information FAST

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  Easy Access

Your most important and frequently used files, folder or apps are now just a shortcut away.

Mac's Spotlight feature is great, but why type a file name every time you want to access them. Open App via shortcut and enter the number on your keyboard that is listed against the file you want to access


Just one-time setup by dragging and dropping files, folder or app inside EasyFinder, that you most frequently use, and then they are always available from your menu bar via shortcut or clicking on the EasyFinder icon

  Automatic Sync

EasyFinder will always show the most recent file name and location.

At times we change file or folder names because of an afterthought and sometimes we move them to a new location. EasyFinder will automatically keep track these changes.


Forget where you moved the file to? EasyFinder got that covered for you too. Just click on the Info button of your file and it will show the current file location and other properties as well

  Copy file for Terminal

You can copy files location from EasyFinder and file paths are Terminal compatible which you can use it in Terminal to "cd" etc. 

Developers, designers and techies in general will find this very useful. Location copied on your paste board is terminal compatible. If you are on live coding marathon or participating in a challenge like #24hrstartup, then you can setup EasyFinder with all the files you will need and access it fast as well as copy location and straight away head into Terminal

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